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Comments for 'The Beginning of the End Part 1'

6:12 pm | August 28, 2002
oh the new name is bad, because I just posted my 9th part, AND ITS FREAKING TITLED THAT!!!!!!!
2:06 am | August 26, 2002
Or diablo for that matter... Anyways indent
9:38 pm | August 25, 2002
he most likely forgot to put a title on and the web master just put on "untitled". but thats what you get for being an idiot like this author(j/k);D
spartan 356
6:27 pm | August 25, 2002
Nice story, but like Sarge said give it a title .
5:36 pm | August 25, 2002
dude here's some advice don't post a story without a better title than untitled.