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Comments for 'Tal rasha, a elites life'

A Fan
2:24 am | June 26, 2004
up date soon ^___^ please*____*
A Fan
12:43 am | June 25, 2004
I like your story.....hay I like reading storys about Elites^___^ update soon
System Failure
2:51 pm | June 13, 2004
The tyre shit was one of the funniest things I ever read, man. If that was a comedy i would have been great. But as a serious effort it sucked like hell. BTW what the fuck ever happened to New001?

The Silver Spartan
12:20 pm | June 13, 2004
Thank you NK I appreaciate that. And BTW I am sorry for offending ne1 by that post, I have gotten a LITTLE pissy about people that post storys, don't use the code, don't spell things like "tire" right, don't reply to our "helpful" tips and than just dissappear. SPAM!!! Grrr... I am starting to think that those people just make another name and start posting crap again...

NK- MORE stories WILL be posted SOON- thanx 4 clearing that up for 'our' noobs here.

-The Silver Spartan-
Nick Kang
12:20 pm | June 11, 2004
And the story was ummmm...
Bad grammar: Capitalize what needs to be capitalized.
Bad Spelling: Type the story out on a word formatter such as Microsoft word. Run a spell check on it when you're done and copy and paste it into the FF submission form.
No real plot: The problem says it all.
Use the Code: People will stop BLAMing you.
Uninteresting: Perhaps you would like to try a third person present tense, instead of a first person Data Log. No one is really interested in Data Logs.

Nick Kang
11:54 am | June 11, 2004
Yes, but did the Silver Spartan not say
'I will be writing more stories soon'? That sentence would give hint that he does, indeed write stories. And with the root word being 'more', that would hint that he has written a FAIR amount of stories. With the other root word being 'writing' that means that he will write another story, as the sentence said. The 'I' at the beginning of the senence says that HE will be writing the story, not someone else. Now, if we take the three root words:
'I, Writing, More,'
And multiply them by the Space Time Continuum, then you get:
'He WILL be writing more stories soon.'
And that was in a nutshell, people, you don't wanna see the strategic math I had to go through to get this solution.

Purpose of me writing this comment: Author, pay more attention to peoples' posts before telling them to write a story.

10:30 pm | June 10, 2004
I believe he was talking about The Silver Spartan's post Cold Blooded.
CoLd BlooDed
10:05 pm | June 10, 2004
Oh, and to the author... I'm not flaming you, and I do write my own stories, so shaddap.
white grunt
6:54 pm | June 10, 2004
its good ,and fun to read keep it up
Snake Solid 117
4:14 am | June 10, 2004
Cool. I like these covenent ones. They give a whole new look at the way things happen. Good Job.
2:42 am | June 10, 2004
whoae! wtf! it messed up and put pm5#l? i put fore runner bible lol
The author who else?
2:42 am | June 10, 2004
instead of flaming people write your own story, btw i coudnt think of a good elite name and i didnt want a repetitive elite name like the ones in the halo books so i though "diablo 2!"
The NEW Zak
1:01 am | June 10, 2004
im not going to write anymore stories for awhile, ill just stick to reading them, i just wanted to take the time to thank anyone who read my stories, except Hawk7886. So thanks, ill be back someday................
10:57 pm | June 9, 2004
Oh gods, a Diablo fan writing Halo fiction...
CoLd BlooDed
10:19 pm | June 9, 2004
You know... I find the title very comedic.

"A Elites Life", nice touch. Hahaha.
The Silver Spartan
10:10 pm | June 9, 2004
Use the fucking PSEUDOCODE!!!!

On to flame more noobs...

PS: I will be posting more storys soon!!!

-The Silver Spartan-