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Comments for 'A Conclusive History of the United Nations Space Command: Chapter Four: The Human-Covenant War'

1:00 am | January 2, 2004
Hey, Witelancer, I don't know why you would have a problem with it, but is it alright if I post your story/history on another forum (xbox.com) to help keep the newbs in check

I would put your name in bold as the author. Thanks a million.

P.S. I might do it before I get your okay, but either way you'll get full recognition for it.
6:20 pm | December 31, 2003
phoenix and I have already begun to collaborate lol. It loooks like it's going to be a great work when finished.
7:00 pm | December 30, 2003
Very nice, this series was extremely accurate and I see it bieng a guidline for future generations for a long time. You should combine this with Pheonixuk89's science of halo in the forum.
2:08 am | December 30, 2003
Like I said Whitelancer awesome. 10/10. Dude Helljumper you haven't read all the Halo books...wow. Your shedule in college must be booked hella, man good luck with that. Dude I'll send them too you. Me and apache119 live in the same town as Eric Nylund and I'm guessing pretty damn close the William C. Dietz. Who the hell can be a Halo fanfic author and not have read all the Halo books?
10:25 pm | December 29, 2003
By mail you know what i think, and as a swede, i cant read the halo-books, but this fic helped me a little
8:01 pm | December 29, 2003
Nice job. I've only read the books once, and haven't read First Strike yet, but from what I can recall, this seems to be an excellent, accurate summary of the major historical events from Halo's universe.

I usually don't like fan fiction, but this was really well done.
6:31 pm | December 29, 2003
agh! i screwed something up! thanks, everyone. Sergeant--yes, this is the last of the history, at least for now. Rebel shuttle--thanks. and... Helljumper, this isn't even close to a full summary of the books.

I would reccommend buying them ASAP... and also waiting for more tidbits about Halo 2 to come out. I plan to have this entire work finished and put into a .PDF format (Adobe) so that I can distribute it quite easily over HBO.

6:18 pm | December 29, 2003
as someone who hasn't read all the Halo books, that really helped me out thanx
Capo Rip
3:15 pm | December 29, 2003
Nice essay, well written!
Sergeant B
3:00 pm | December 29, 2003
Nice witelancer. It was nice. Awesome. But is this the last of this history? I like it. Maybe I should print these out.

Rebel Shuttle, who are you and what are you?
LOL...good correction.
Rebel Shuttle
8:30 am | December 29, 2003
I'd like to correct you on a something: you said that Vice Admiral Cole's fleet of over hundred ships beat the Covenant at Harvest. On page 155 of H:TFoR at the begining of chpt. 18 "He watched the four dozen other UNSC ships orbit the planet: frigates and destroyers,two carriers, and a massive repair and refitting station-more vessels than Admiral Cole had at his disposal during his four-year-long campaign to save Harvest."