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Comments for 'A Conclusive History of the United Nations Space Command: Chapter Three'

7:29 pm | December 16, 2003
Chapter Four may take a while to write. I'm going to tyr to really polish it and get eveyr last detail of the war. Maybe then i'll ask louis or finn to permalink this to any to new fanfic wriers... because i really am sick of all the mary-sueing and poorly based fanfics on this site.

Otherwise, thanks again for the great comments.
3:33 pm | December 16, 2003
Good, as every other chapter in the series.
12:58 pm | December 16, 2003
Yay, now I don't have to read the book!

Nice job, i just hope that Halo 2 will be as accomidating.

7:05 am | December 16, 2003
thanks for the history lesson. It really puts things into perspective and explains how everything came to be. I really appreciate it. When u get a chance read my story Battle for Tectron. thanks
Arthur Wellesly
1:50 am | December 16, 2003
Damnit, I haven't read First Strike yet. Oh well, no biggy ;)

Again, nice job. Don't see much else to say except the same as last time. Way to go. 10/10
9:38 pm | December 15, 2003
First Strike explains it all Sarge.

And I liked it alot. I knew it all, but I still liked it. It should be the newbs guide to writing Halo.
Sergeant B
8:44 pm | December 15, 2003
Yo, witelancer, awesome! I like it, totally. But, how do you know that the Master Chief went BACK to Reach after the events of Installation-4? And didn't Kelly-084 die on Reach, the planet being burned or something?

Otherwise, you did an awesome job. Everything, RIGHT! Can't wait 'till Chapter Four!!