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Comments for 'A Conclusive History of the United Nations Space Command: Chapter One: Beginnings'

Steve Ollett
8:26 am | December 15, 2003
Very interesting, especially the bit regarding the colony ship which I didn't know about (looks like a slight re-write is in order with regards to my current fan-fic)
1:30 am | December 14, 2003
This sounds like my Social Studies text book except much much much MUCH more intersting!

You said this is based almost entirely on Microsoft's official timeline but I can't help but hope that you made some of this up yourself. If you did, I'd love to see some of your views on politics and economics. That'd be great, learning about human diplomacy through Halo, coolness like a slushie!
6:27 pm | December 13, 2003
Great! It's "storyfying" the words informative and interesting. Superb!
Blue Angel
1:48 pm | December 13, 2003
that was will.... very informative for lack of being.
the united nations huh, will thats a first but that could be the truth in the future. i could see those bastards trying to take over Alaska. but then again they would have to go through the Orion program forces, and the Gen. com units just to take the state of Alaska. then again they do sorta of have an influence on some of the key generals up here. but thats like 5/10 generals ya know.
will to the story very nice. very very nice.

hahahaha tah tah for now.
no really im joking bout the whole thing of Alaskan conspercy therories. ah damn i just forgot how to spell those woooords damn.
ahhhahaahah caught that anyone?