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Comments for 'Spartan III Chapter 3: The Hunt'

Thomas Harper
11:51 pm | March 7, 2004
nice i thought that it was pretty good. keep it up.
Jon M
11:53 pm | March 6, 2004
So does one use the bracket [b]BOLD[/b] or the regular html greater/lesser symbols to achieve this?
If you check the page source where it occurs, it's html BOLD and such.

Now Winters, good story. Could be longer, could be edited a little tighter. You need a better way to differentiate between the Covenant narrative and the Human. (Perhaps the horizontal rule MadJackal spoke of) Add more description of what the characters are seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling.
Keep on writing.
11:28 pm | March 6, 2004
Good. I'm used to longer parts, but hey, everyone has their own style. I noticed that you didn't make use of the code to indent your paragraphs and such.
Here's what's availble to you, formatting-wise:

Italics: To italicize a block of text, place a [i] before it and a [/i] after it.

Bold: To make text bold, place a [b] before it and a [/b] after it.

Paragraph Indent: To indent a paragraph, simply place a [indent] at the start of it. (Do NOT hit return after this code; if you do, the indent will be invisible on the line ABOVE the paragraph.)

Horizontal Rule: To place a horizontal rule in your story, simply place a [hr] on a line by itself in the location you'd like the rule to appear.

Keep up the writing!