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Comments for 'SPARTAN III Chapter 2: Your Problems Begin After You Land'

1:59 am | February 26, 2004
Good story!
And TSC, I think is= The Silent Cartographer
CoLd BlooDed
11:42 pm | February 24, 2004
Whats tSC?
MC's Cousin
11:15 am | February 24, 2004
So So. It was pretty good to read, but I think you need more detail. And the code, that would be good too. And yes, if you don't remeber what it feels like in Legendary mode go and pull a Normandy beach in tSC. OH YEAH!!

Signing Off

9:31 pm | February 23, 2004
PS; And Spartans having moral doubts about killing Grunts? Love it!

Poor 'ickle Grunt...
9:29 pm | February 23, 2004

I LOVE a story with a coward in it, I can totally empathise! ;]
2:57 am | February 23, 2004
Pretty nice story, just remember to base the Covenant of Legendary mode, it makes for a more suspensful story.