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Comments for 'Both Sides Ch. 1'

Black Titan
2:51 am | July 5, 2004
Im not done actually, but i love big cities with all my heart. the new tokyo is awesome.
3:41 am | June 30, 2004
great splinter cell base. everything is dark and mysterious.

12:43 am | June 30, 2004
Im going to the outer banks this August, cool.
12:30 pm | June 29, 2004
I like to think of it as Halo meets Splinter Cell meets Cowboy Bebop(after watching it for hours on end. DVD rocks.)

Oh, and BansheeBoy: I kinda went for that effect, I wanted a catchy opener.

Oh, and sorry about the paragraph-thing. I'll be more careful in the future.
6:39 pm | June 28, 2004
HALO meets Splinter Cell? It might actually turn out to be cool... Think Sam Fisher in a MJOLNIR suit.
I thought the paragraphs were too long sometimes, though.
6:27 pm | June 28, 2004
Good story, man. It got a bit hard to read down near the end because you had something like a 38 line paragraph, which was kind of annoying...but only slightly so.
And Thedarkfire, he did use the code. How else do you think he got the italics?
4:46 pm | June 28, 2004
wonderfully written
4:06 pm | June 28, 2004
Well written and action packed, but it felt like a beginning to a blockbuster movie than a halo fan fic. Actually it reminded me of splinter cell. Anyway just make sure it ties in with halo somehow
3:50 pm | June 27, 2004
Thanks, and don't worry, Helljumper, theres a method to madness.
2:02 am | June 27, 2004
I wanta see how this ties into HAlo. It was written well, good use of details. Gotta figure out why he ran the rope from the hotel room to the flag pole.

Young Gunna
7:55 pm | June 26, 2004
Excellent, can't wait for the next chapter.
6:52 pm | June 26, 2004
youll see. Patience.
6:52 pm | June 26, 2004
youll see. Patience.
Snowy Duck
6:43 pm | June 26, 2004
ya, i have a question: how does this relate to Halo?
6:05 pm | June 26, 2004
Don't all ya'll rush to comment now..
4:37 pm | June 26, 2004
Thank you Admiral Sir! *snaps a salute* haha.

To eliminate any confusion, "Both sides" refers to the fact that they operate on both sides of the law.

Expect the next one when I get home from the OBX.(Outer Banks)

Ive also got TWO MORE series in the works. One im sure has not been done before. The other one i know hasnt been done much. Expect the Wraiths to go on (another) hiatus after ch. 5 so i can work on my new series.
Admiral Preston Cole
4:10 pm | June 26, 2004
Good story, and no spelling problems. Can't wait till the next chapter.