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Comments for 'The Amhaaric: Prologue'

343 Salty Beans
8:02 pm | June 13, 2004
Yeah, Gangsta Pimp Daddy was quite the pain.

Anyway, stop making people mad. You have an ability to do that, and you do it well. You're about as smart as the average cauliflower, you know that? I hope that that stupid piece of crap story (if it's not a delusional fantasy of an escaped asylum convict) gets raked over the coals for all the crap you have put us through.

343 Salty Beans

PS: Did I tell you to go to hell yet? I think I did.
System Failure
4:39 pm | June 13, 2004
I agree awacar on this. Twink if any one here got your adress, your residence and any thing in a two mile radius would be obliterated or simply blown the fuck up. Good day to all.

4:35 pm | June 13, 2004
And, twinkie, you wouldn't want anyone on this page to now your adress, believe me.
4:33 pm | June 13, 2004
Wait, let me just ask one thing:

Is "The blue monkey" a biography of twinkie when he fell into a bucket of blue paint?
2:11 pm | June 13, 2004
if u know where i live,tell me my adress!!!! bitch!!!
System Failure
1:28 pm | June 13, 2004
We need to send his ass to the meat packing plant as a trip, Then when he's not looking, push him into a meat grinder. Twinke sausages 2 for a dolla.
12:30 pm | June 13, 2004
To Nick Kang:

Confession: I was the famed Gangsta Pimp Daddy. Sorry about all the trouble, just messing around.

Nick Kang
11:47 am | June 13, 2004
Congrats, twinkie, you have successfully pissed off everyone on the forums. I haven't seen anything this bad since Gangsta Pimp Daddy, 'cept he wasn't as horrible. You have, effective as of now, given a new meaning to the term: Retard.

P.S. I'm gonna become a millionaire once I learn how to stab people over the internet.

3:30 am | June 13, 2004
that damn twinkie is in every single comments page, he needs to go drown himself in a bathtub or something

3:27 am | June 13, 2004
Now the sex talk is here; the maturity level just keeps on going up, up, and away....
The NEW Zak
2:54 am | June 13, 2004
Whoa, 343 Salty Beans, we are all real scared of you!!!! I'm almost trembling at the thought of your ugly self coming over to my house. You'll be even uglier when I give you a thrashing......
343 Salty Beans
2:42 am | June 13, 2004
Wow! Congratulations to myself. I can spell. Oh, and twinkie, if you are gonna impersonate me, at least use the common sense God imbued most people with, and use my signature.

343 Salty Beans

PS: I'd like to take the time to ask you whether you enjoy peppermint or cinnamon gum, because once I find out where you live, I'm going to make you wish you were never born.
343 Salty Beans
2:29 am | June 13, 2004
Im a stupid faggot who eats shit!!! It tastes good!!!! Im a monkey humper!!!! Im on the cheerleading sqaud cause i dress like a stupid ass girl!!!! Wanna hear a cheer!!?? OK!!! F-U-C-K
thats not all! M-Y Thats not even it! M-O-M! Cause thats what i doooooooooooo!!!!!! YIPEEEE!!!
343 Salty Beans
1:08 am | June 13, 2004
twinkie, burn in hell. Stop impersonating people and get a life. I think you are one of the more sadistic people I've met.

Congratulations, you have made HBO an uglier place to frequent.

343 Salty Beans

PS: If you try and impersonate me I will shove my foot so far up your butt you'll taste the gum on the bottom of my shoe.
6:59 pm | June 12, 2004
Twinkie is right!!!! He told me it over the phone, and I loved it!!!!!
6:57 pm | June 12, 2004
When my story "THE BLUE MONKEY" comes out, READ IT, READ IT, READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a guy
12:23 pm | June 12, 2004
very good story im looking forward to the next ( bif thier IS a next). I noticed 1 thing though. I dont know if the whole story was supposed to be a prolouge or not but if it wasen't, you never actually ended the prolouge. GREAT STORY!!!