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Comments for 'Holy Halos!'

WeaseL! again
1:48 am | October 18, 2003
No, no. Weasel forgives. Besides, it blended perfectly with the rest of those posted. Well, with the exception of John's, of course.
Alpha Lance
5:13 pm | October 11, 2003
I should apologize, so i'm sorry for being a ass. Next time, I will help you alot, sorrry once again.
3:07 am | October 9, 2003
Gee, thanks.

7:32 pm | October 8, 2003
(*crickets*) Constructive Critisism is a fine example of what I posted. It is crap, but at least I said it in a nice way. They can rave all they want, and I rave with them! Hahahahaha.
1:21 am | October 8, 2003
Being the pathetic author of this pathetic story, I guess I should apologize for wasting five minutes of your time by writng this piece of crap. But it wasn't supposed to be ha-ha funny, just, odd. But the artist lives on, and this writer shall live to write another story! Fine, maybe not. I can almost hear your screams of protest.
1:15 am | October 6, 2003
Any of you heard of CONSTRUCTIVE CRITSISM. You guys would be good on the forum, everbody flames everybody there.
Alpha Lance
9:23 pm | October 4, 2003
No...it wasn't funny one fregin bet!
1:37 am | October 4, 2003
was that supposed to be a funny story..?
12:18 am | October 4, 2003
John you are absolutley disgusting.
12:07 am | October 4, 2003
I personally belive this to a fine piece of Comedy. Short and carelessly compiled but still in good taste.

*note: Berconius has no taste. He wore a yellow plaid shirt and a diagonaly striped tie for school spirit. He wore a red pull-over, collared shirt with two grey stripes with a silver tie while running for Secretary of Science Olympiad. He cannot tell the difference between a Gucci purse and a garbage bag. Yep, he is also known as the Clueless one, the Tasteless one, and the Angelic Pig.

...and thus my jusgement for humor is entirely based on my taste...

Anonymous M5AB
7:10 pm | October 3, 2003
Sadly, your story is not very funny, and not very...how do I say this..

6:03 pm | October 3, 2003
I hope this was half-assed, if not...then I've finaly found an author worse then me.
4:10 pm | October 3, 2003
Nice. So tell me. When he gets sucked through the hole, does his helmet just so luckly fall on his head and latch itself causing a chain reaction of all of these money making upgrades on his suit? Did he fall all the way to the lunar orbiter and get sucked into its trash bays? thus finding the bananas cuisin? Does Cortana all alone get raped by 343 gs as he takes her out and gives her the ring? (new one. not the one he bought for his conveniently deceiced wife last summer from the forerunners on sensemea street) Did Sarge have last minute sex with that elite who noticably squeezed his ass? Why the hell didn't they show women marine floods? you know, with their tits all to the side and shit with a flood dick up their ass. How the hell did I miss zuka zammameee when I totalled the T&R? And why the fuck haven't I shut the hell up already? Oh yeah. Ya think MC coulda killed 343 with the Ragnarok? Or maybe rapped a grunt outside of the gameplay? umm... did that thirsty ass grunt get something to drink before he was melted?