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Comments for 'Stormbringers Part 3: "Which one of you is next!?"'

Daniel Luiken (Masterchief15)
12:18 pm | December 3, 2002
Very good. The only way i can think to make it better is to watch your spelling and puncuation. Everybody seems to mess up on that at least a little.
9:13 pm | December 2, 2002
I got a question how are yall making paragraphs without the HTML prevliges?
Fallen Heros
12:53 pm | December 2, 2002
Yah I understand that but the MC was cool and collected not like "Look at the pretty bullets." I think just get them a little more cautious. Well it is your story my friend do as you wish.

(Ashame this story gets to reviews)
1:54 am | December 2, 2002
yeah i know what youre getting at. but i just decided to characterise-at least "benson" as arrogant. the other two aren't at all if you read all three parts carefully.

part 4 coming soon: infiltration
10:48 pm | December 1, 2002
if u think about it, the master chief is laid back. does he go nuts when he gets 1 bar of health left? no!
does he even get angry as such? it wasnt featured in the game.
these guys are like master chief- theyre specialists, so they have to stay calm.
and u have to remeember that in each fight so far theyve had the element of surprise, which is a massive advantage.

theyre stealth guys, remember?

:P thanks for the feedback though
Fallen Heros
3:22 am | December 1, 2002
Oh yeah and I like the idea for the agents and the suit erm CHameleon alot too!
Fallen Heros
2:21 am | December 1, 2002
Hey this is a good story but its not very believeable, they seem way to layed back to be fighting.
11:15 pm | November 30, 2002
This is great man keep it up!!!
9:20 pm | November 30, 2002
i assume its al gud?
or are you guys just not reading it at all :P