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Comments for 'Stormbringers, part 2: fire and ice'

Neco Divad
2:46 pm | November 23, 2002
Great, I''m not going to get into Halo theiries here, but I loved it. I'm halting all work done on the Elites Legend to work on another story, that's why I haven't posted a sequal in a while.
2:35 am | November 23, 2002
It usually takes me amonth to write a chapter(Lol I just don't do it enough)
2:14 am | November 23, 2002
yeah trying not to make it all action- too many ppl hav done that already lol :P

yea sarge i think they shud be shorter if its online coz a lot of ppl dont have the time.

im gonna put out part 3 either today or tomorrow. later.
10:16 pm | November 22, 2002
I like 'em short. I also like how it's quiet and slow, then it immediatly picks up with fluent action.
8:30 pm | November 22, 2002
Wow that was quick, but it is rather short. Still very good keep it up.