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Comments for 'Stormbringers, Part 1: BungY, not BungIE'

11:06 pm | November 21, 2002
hey i need some help beta reading. e-mail me at junior488@aol.com
10:05 pm | November 21, 2002
I'm actually from New Zealand, lol.
but yeah we have the same english as the canadians and the aussies.
yeah sarge not a helluva lot, but as a famous writer from my country once said- you dont have to stick to the rules completely to write well.
i really appreciate the beta reading tho :-).

anyway, a correction i shud also make, where the story says "the third spartan..."(somewhere int he middle of ths tory where theyre boarding the dropship), it should actually read "the third agent..".

the reason? ive decided that these people arent spartans on sarge's advice (it makes sense- besides, in my eyes, theres only one spartan in the universe....go MC! :P)
9:45 pm | November 21, 2002
Your writing is very fluent. I loved the style, and it's a great beginning. Keep it up man! I can guess your from Australia or Europe or Canada, because of the spelling "armour" (or however you spell it lol).
9:38 pm | November 21, 2002
Hmm nothins changed since last time eh?