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Comments for '7 is the Lonliest Number [1]'

2:08 am | June 6, 2004
went a little too fast for a first chapter, if you ask me. a few spelling errors, too.
Silent Death Sorrow
1:24 am | June 3, 2004
You guys should check out the second one, of course if you liked this one. Probably not though.
Silent Death Sorrow
10:23 pm | June 2, 2004
Thanks, curses no one is reading. Well I guess I deserve it. Most of my stories are B ones.
3:16 am | June 2, 2004
Loneliest is spelled wrong. Just a heads up.
Silent Death Sorrow
10:28 pm | June 1, 2004
Oh! Sorry man. Thanks for telling me, I just couldn't think of what to put up there, thanks.
2:15 pm | May 30, 2004
I don't know wat to think, its different. Oh yea, the UNSC doesn't have a police chief or an Amry Colonel because there is no Army, there is a navy and marine corps.