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Comments for 'Decisions, Chapter 2'

8:32 pm | November 29, 2002
Still waiting for the next part :(
Neco Divad
9:11 pm | November 27, 2002
Every story's style is a copy of the stories before it. You learn what you like and dislike and build on it, eventualy creating your own story. Same with alien disigns. If there was an alien type never thought of before, it wouldn't even be recognisable. The Flood are kind of like the Borg and so forth. Everything is related.
2:24 pm | November 25, 2002
Thanks again, for all the nice comments.

I didn't get a chance to write anything over the weekend, but I will finish the story.

GasMask, I am honored that you want to work with me. But, as I stated in the comments section of Chapter 1, I am not an author. I don't want to offended anyone but I don't enjoy writing. It is just not my thing. The only reason I am writing this story is because it wouldn't leave my head and I had to shared it. The only way I am able to share the story is through writing and writing is not my prefered medium.

My writing style is stolen from every book that I have enjoyed reading. I am truely just emulating other authors.

Walsh's story must be told! :)
5:26 am | November 25, 2002
Once again, a very good story. I'll e-mail you about a story concocting in my head, if you want. I'd really like to work with you.
1:16 am | November 23, 2002
Hey great story again. Seemed shorter than the other. Must be just me. This story was great too. Keep up your work!?!?!?!?!?
Neco Divad
10:14 pm | November 22, 2002
I haven't been to the Forums in a while, just lost interest. Has KHORAL done any "new" tricks that we (people at the forum) can flame him over? Great story, wish I could write that well.
7:38 pm | November 22, 2002
I never played Half-life, I just selected Freeman out of the air.

Now the other marines in Walsh's team...something seems familiar about their names...just can't seem to get a firm grip on it.
5:19 pm | November 22, 2002
Right, right Warbow... Freeman, unlike your Freeman actually kicked alien arse. Lets hope Freeman doesn't "accidentally" make another Half-Life!
9:54 am | November 22, 2002
W00.. good stuff Warbow. First story I've read here for a long time, a really long time actually! I like your use of discriptive language, really gets the visuals going ;)
Reading this has mad me think about finishing my story off... once and for all!.
Look forward to the remainder.
4:39 am | November 22, 2002
great like it one of the best i have read.
2:19 am | November 22, 2002
What Khoral=KORHAL? Hmmm...could be.

2,500+ for the first part and 2,200+ for this part.

At this pace it looks like it will be a four parter. I am glad everyone is enjoying it. If you like it so far wait till it's finished. :)
1:43 am | November 22, 2002
Wouldn't have anything to do with a poster now would it?

Great story man, great story :)

About how many words is it? I have about 2000 for mine so far, think I should post it?
11:48 pm | November 21, 2002
Freeman is dead. Trust me. I'm the author.

The name Khoral has a meaning but it has nothing to do with Starcraft. Some of the other names have a meaning too. :)
11:12 pm | November 21, 2002
heh for some reason i noticed the name Khoral. That was the name of that one rebel world on the game 'Starcraft'. Ah yes t reminds me of the good old days of starcraft...anyway lol good job.
some guy
10:32 pm | November 21, 2002
a great story but what happened to the sarge freeman?