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Comments for 'Decisions, Chapter 1'

5:19 am | November 25, 2002
Very, very good. You totally kick my butt when it comes to writing. You are so much better than I am. Good story. Keep it up.
3:45 pm | November 21, 2002
Hey, has nyone seen hoju lately?
12:11 pm | November 19, 2002
DAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNN!!!!!!!!This is a fine story as i have ever read. You should really keep making stories for this series! You have a great aurthors mind, it kept me reading untill the very end. Usually i start getting bored and flick down the stories. Only you, Wado, and Mathew a.k.a The Author have kept me reading with such in eptness. Keep it up!?!?!?!!?!?
10:32 pm | November 18, 2002
ok im gunna stop now
8:12 pm | November 18, 2002
Well if you, or any other fan fic writer who see's this would, please message me sometime. My screen name is exactly as followsadam aka slayerSo yea... I would appreciate it if you get the time that is. Oh, and PLEASE finish this, this is really good!Xzilen
1:29 pm | November 18, 2002
Xzilen, I do have AIM but I am not sure that I am the right person to talk with. I am the King of not following up. I currently have 4 unfinished movies and a few unfinished photoshop project scattered around on my computer. Not to mention a half dozen movie ideas that keep poping in and out of my head. Still writing, slowly but surely.
7:00 pm | November 17, 2002
Oh and the work harder thing was just in reference to how fast your coming out with the second thing, not the quality which is damned good.
6:58 pm | November 17, 2002
Work Harder!PLEASE!By the way Warbow, do you have AIM? I would love to talk to someone about a fan fiction idea I have... but am not sure if I want to follow through with...
3:13 am | November 17, 2002
Well, I usually make movies or pictures. But this story came into my head just the other night and the only way to tell it was through writing. Yes, Walsh does seem a little special doesn't he? :)As for the explosives, I had already planned on explaining where he placed them. The second half of the story is not coming out as fast as the first half. But I am working on it.
12:29 pm | November 16, 2002
I don't normally write. But it is the only way I can tell this story.How is it so far?
5:15 am | November 16, 2002
Nice story, keep writing. Out of curiosity, where did he put all the explosives before cryo freeze?
4:52 am | November 16, 2002
Amazing!You say it is the only way you can tell this story? Is this a long time vision of yours?I like it ALOT so far! PLEASE CONTINUE!I love the detail...I think that women was a certain... Doctor...Anyways, wonderful so far, PLEASE HURRY UP I MUST READ MORE!
10:00 pm | November 15, 2002
you just do everything huh?