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Comments for 'The Conqueror's Fall'

3:47 am | November 2, 2003
I'm not Wado, but I'm flattered that you made that comparison. But if you look back you see our writing styles are different.
3:27 am | November 2, 2003
Walker, I gotta say: If I wasn't so suspicious that you were actually Wado under another name, then I could really put some thoughts of mine to rest.

Other than that, another dramatic piece of art. Congrats and cheers.
9:49 pm | November 1, 2003
Haha, this is just like Mr. Bill before you, Walker, he wrote a terrific string of stories which weren't in a series but were tied together by a common character....Damius, I think it was.

I hope you keep this little string up, it's GOOD.
10:16 pm | October 31, 2003
I try to give people honest ratings, but some people just can't live with their story's shortfalls.
1:16 pm | October 31, 2003
Wow. Sorry for your friend, and you, I guess, since it looks like you were friends with the dad too.
Alpha Lance
3:09 am | October 31, 2003
Thanks man, but i'm in a even more sad mood. Today, 30, 2003. I found out after my football game that my best friend's dad died in a car wreck.
12:31 pm | October 30, 2003
Awesome. This story makes a person really think. Stupid prohets. Why don't they just keep their political issues to themselves, lol. By the way WHEN IS THE NEXT FREAKEN COTGB COMMIN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay sorry for the inconvience but truly I'm desperate man, you herar desperate. You just gotta tell me when your putting out the next story of my favorite series.
8:59 am | October 30, 2003
Okey-dokey. (Yeah, I'm a geek, get over it.) I was just wonderin since its been awhile since I stopped submitting much actual commentary. Your stories are smashing, don't let anyone tell you you're in a slump. You might just be rusty. I didn't think this story would do well, and I regretted submitting it until I saw the positive reviews. Sorry for not paying attention to the title, I just saw it as signifying this is based off of the world started in Halo. Alpha Lance, you're one of the best writers here, because no one else is willing to have Spartan therapy. ;) And your writing, while a bit rough around the edges, is unique. And now I'm rambling. Point is you're good.

Semper Fi

Alpha Lance
1:11 am | October 30, 2003
Well, I don't know why in the hell you think piss me off? It appears that not. But why do you think that I'm pissed off, heh? I know your helping, and I never get mad when someone helps me. Harsh isn't the word either. Don't try to be easy on me, I don't care if you make fun of my story, I care if anyone makes fun of me story. I mean, words are words. Of coarse it is kinda hard to keep my cool at times; I do have an anger problem. But I some how keep all of my anger out side of the comment section.

Now I do admit, I am starting to get in a writing slump. I haven't been my self lately either, just haven't feel reading fanfics lately too. But as you can see, HBO has been dead for a while.

Now to the story. This is just one kickass story. Hell, your stories are a whole different level from the rest and mine. The Elite and his triumphed win, his evil mind. Well, there is nothing to complain about, I can see that you are going to write a whole bunch more single stories. I'm going to start writing side stories for my series. But your great writer man, you make good use of the submit form. You make good use of the plot, dialog, just about everything. Although your not so happy about my plot.

Halo Trilogy is mainly about Halo (ring world) and the Covenant. You can say this is my version of Halo. But remember this, no matter what you say in my review column, I know your using it to help. Im cool with, and don't think I'm piss off because I haven't read your story yet or what ever you think. Hope to see more stories from.
11:28 pm | October 29, 2003
Well, I was gonna wait until more reviews came in, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen anytime soon. I've been more abrupt with my ratings lately, more harsh with the bad but just as praiseful with the good. Anyway, I think I slightly pissed Alpha Lance off, and a lot of my reviewers have left for parts unknown. But I'm glad you liked it Dispraiser, Mainevent, SOS.Odin and anyone else who might review positively in the future. You're some of those I trust most, by the quality of your own stories, and by your honesty. Thanks.

Semper Fi

8:12 pm | October 29, 2003
Yep, a zero is a perfect score in that I could not point anything out that was wrong, and it earns your fanfic a rightful place as a fanfic, which i will deicde how to handle once i get the internet back. Generally zero and one are great, two and three are good (above average by far), four through six is average for HBO (Sadly) and seven and up are really bad. You can get up to twenty. Generally, however, the scales do not go past six or seven. I think I rated one seven and a half (created the "Deep south award").

As for the fanfic, Walker, I'm dissapointed not to see a rpely, Iw as actually curious to see how you handled this. Not really a bad dissapointment though, I just mean like, i was expecting one but didn't find it...
3:42 am | October 29, 2003
hmm thx for the info bruh
that means my story isnt bad
i gotta 3
11:55 pm | October 28, 2003
Flackfic is Dispraisers rating on how crappy a story is.

If it's a flackfic, he thinks it's basically waisting story space, but there are certain degrees. A 4-1 is pretty good, 5+ is not. A zero is what he considers true fan fic, and does not in anyway make itself out to be crappy.

Or so I figured...
10:57 pm | October 28, 2003
awesome...i liked it quite a bit...could someone please explain to me what this flackfic is...im clueless here
10/10 bruh
8:21 pm | October 28, 2003
Very nice... I'd say this one probably deserves a flackfic of zero... I'll decide once I get my site going again what i'll do about this...

I was curious though whether you meant any symbolism in some of the things, most notably the armor. It seems like it shows some symbolism in regards to who the characters are, which would be a very good thing, and especially deep for a fanfic of HBO. Generally they are very shallow.

I, by default, counted you as doing that and found that it furthered the characters, pulling the main from his home (that battlefield) whre part of his heart (perhaps guilt) still remained, and also his search for honor. He also hid within the metal shell of his armor, showing perhaps that the Prophets and troop were very powerful and fear inducing.

Loved the end... Trying to shake the blackness from his head... It's something I never make my cahracters do, all die either suggested deaths or die still, which is a very human thing to do, we picture life fading from us, however, with this Elite the life was snapped from him in one literal and figureative swing. Better to empasize the way the death worked and perhaps the animal characteristics of the Elite.

NOT Flackfic.
12:38 pm | October 28, 2003
I get first post, and while it won't be terribly long, it will say one thing.

I love this story I love this story I love this story, I love this story, I love this story, I love this story.