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Comments for 'They Died with Their Boots On'

12:12 am | September 15, 2003

Nice poem, Walker, keep it up.
10:14 pm | September 14, 2003
Part 2 of COTGB submitted. Had to split it in two cuz it was too long. Hope you read it!

Semper Fi

4:17 pm | September 14, 2003
I'm almost done with COTGB Part 2: Troops but I still have a little bit of work to do. Expect to see it, hopefully, by the next new story posting.

Semper Fi

4:08 pm | September 14, 2003
I'M BAAAACCCCKKK! I've been out of the loop for a while but the next installment of my series (Spartan III's) is coming soon, promise.

Sorry for using up space Walker. I liked the poem, but what I'm really looking foward to is Charge of the Grunt Brigade 2
2:36 pm | September 14, 2003
I think the belt buckles are spiffy.

12:05 pm | September 14, 2003
nice job walker. write some more if possible.

Sgt. Snickers
11:36 am | September 14, 2003
And about the South rising again:

I don't think it will happen, because the reason for secession is gone and the last of the war heroes of the Civil war died around 1910 so there is no one left to tell the stories firsthand. We are no longer at odds with the North, other than a few jokes here and there about Yankees, and we have similar industrial economies for the most part. While I know many stories of old men as recently as the '60s saying on their deathbeds, "The South will Rise Again!", even they are gone and there is no one left who beleives. In the words of Ulysses S. Grant, "The war is over. The Rebels are our countrymen again."

Yet, we can still hoist on high the Bonnie Blue Flag and cheer the single Star.

Semper Fi

11:31 am | September 14, 2003
Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single Star!
3:02 am | September 14, 2003
Good one Walker.

And the South will rise again.

*no, that's not racist, it's just true.
1:37 am | September 14, 2003
It's hard, for me at least, to write poetry when you are not passionately inspired by a cause. For example, I enjoy composing poems about the South in the Civil War because it's a subject that I am passionate about. In Halo, there isn't really a cause that I can translate into poetry, so unless I am able to do that I won't be writing anymore Halo poems. Rejoice, ye multitudes!
1:35 am | September 14, 2003
Well, it's a poem about a UNSC Marine Corps regiment, the 11th, I just didn't put in words like "Covenant" and such because they didn't sound poetic. But be assured it's Halo-based.
12:34 am | September 14, 2003
I don't see how this relates to Halo in any way, but it was good.

Im not saying your poems arent good but if the next thing you post is a poem instead of a story, I might ;)
8:31 pm | September 13, 2003
Arent they supposed to die with boots on?
6:56 pm | September 13, 2003
Thanks to everyone. I write some good poetry, but writing it about Halo was hard to do. I did my best, and I can understand if it didn't flow well.
Alpha Lance
4:24 pm | September 13, 2003
Nice, I though it was a story when I read the title, and when I click on it. BAM! A peom pop up, I was surprise, because I know you as writting great stories. And pluse, this peom was totaly kick ass.
3:18 pm | September 13, 2003
the best of your poems so far it seems that with every one you get a lot better at it, keep up the great work
Brendan Harther
3:11 pm | September 13, 2003
I like it. Good poem. And I forgive you for what you said. But, don't take this as I absolutely hate your poems, but I just like your stories better like Kaboose and Sergeant B(he forgot to say that in his comment).
Sergeant B
3:07 pm | September 13, 2003
Very good Walker. I always read your work. It is excellent. I'm not good at righting poems, but at least this might give me some inspiration. It has good words in it. Makes it kinda sound...professional. Read my story, Courageous Pride and give me some comments. Your turn Brendan.
12:23 pm | September 13, 2003
Great Job! I like it...but i think that you should stick with stories...i'm not saying that your poems arent good, but i don't think that it's your style...just my opinion
11:11 am | September 13, 2003
I'd appreciate anyone's comments here, including Sergeant B and Brendan. I was an idiot. Sorry. Hope you will continue (or start) to read my work. And I hope my stupidity of late hasn't deterred you from reading further--but if it has, then it's my own fault.

Semper Fi