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Comments for 'Charge of the Grunt Brigade - Part One: Colonel'

1:10 am | September 9, 2003
Yeah, yeah, yeah... to any of you who are waiting for the next installment in this series, it will be soon (I hope). I've been very busy lately, my head teeming with ideas for writing projects off and on the Halo subject. Currently I'm trying to keep up with six stories at once: a series my school friends and I are writing and the fanfics I post here. I can't be doing everything at once. Sorry.

And if you haven't been waiting that anxiously for the next installment, then I'm not doing too well as an author, am I? I've always known I'm not the most popular of writers here, nor are my stories the most exciting--but, if I may say so myself, they are some of the best. I hope that is the main reason you keep reading.

Semper Fi, to all of you.

11:51 am | September 5, 2003
I like it cause it's different and it's about my favorite characters....take a guess....GRUNTS. Sorry for dissing you so much walker about the skull. I can get pretty mean sometimes. Next time I will control my emmotions.
1:28 am | September 5, 2003
walker, you shouldn't go off half-cocked next time... that way you wouldn't have to be writing all this stuff.
1:26 am | September 5, 2003
stupid, stupid me... this isn't even the skull's review. disregard the last two comments i made and then disregard this one, and everything should make sense. *kicks himself* i am such an idiot!
1:26 am | September 5, 2003
oh, and MasterGrunt, no offense taken on my part and, i hope, none given. looks like whoever is the review monitor on HBO deleted you too.
1:21 am | September 5, 2003
what? my big essay got deleted? urg! this isn't the first time this has happened... anytime i say something even remotely offensive, or even defend my own work in an educated fashion, this happens. maybe someone up there is out to get me, or maybe there's something wrong with my computer... anyway, now MasterGrunt is seeming to be apologizing for no reason and it doesn't make sense. maybe my post was just too long--but I've seen longer. anyway, to whoever keeps deleting me, i'm sorry you saw cause to do that because i try to keep what i say as clean as possible. and i have seen stuff far worse than what i've said, so that also leaves me wondering why they got to stay and i didn't.
11:33 am | September 2, 2003
I thought this was excellent - a really good start to what I hope will be a cracking series! I've not really got into this fanfic lark before, although I've written a short piece here, and I really enjoyed this story - much more to it than some of the formulaic "Covenant kill Marines, MC kills Covenant" stuff I've seen. I particularly like the idea of the Covenant defectors as this really helps to flesh out the complexity of Covenant society.

It makes me wonder what this unit will be used for - infiltration, behind-the-lines work, or maybe purely propaganda?... Well, I look forward to part 2...
Alpha Lance
10:15 pm | September 1, 2003
I got a preaty good reviewe from Hawk7889.

Alpha Lance
Creator of Halo Trilogy
Alpha Lance: creator of Halo Trilogy
8:47 pm | September 1, 2003
See the deferance. ^_^
Alpha Lance
8:45 pm | September 1, 2003
I saw the change. And read my story Hawk. And does anyone notice anything deferant in the comments I make. Look really hard.

Alpha Lance: creator of Halo Trilogy
2:29 pm | September 1, 2003
and yet another good review from hawk7886... i'm on a roll! maybe the guy's actually changed; i don't know. all i know is that this times new roman thing is really ugly... does anyone else see the font change on this page, or is it just me?
7:37 am | September 1, 2003
It took a little while to take off, but that can be expected from the first part of a story. I want to read more of the Covenant Marines!

Alpha Lance
5:24 pm | August 31, 2003
I love this story, 10/10.
11:17 am | August 31, 2003
Excellent. Dr. Halsey a "quack"? Hahahahahahahah!

Dj an AI (why does that sound so familiar?) :)

Nice use of FOR as background to this story and your talent shines with your military interactions, although Dr. Halsey does seem to have mellowed out a bit, must be old age...LOL.

Anyway, very creative ideas, especially the potential interactions with Covenant defectors. A very, very, hard subject to write about, I congratulate you on attempting this and starting with such a great story. Why do I think it is a difficult subject, you ask? Because defectors are a breed of their own, they have no nation, no home, they betray their own kind for the chance that what they do is right in the end, to right wrongs and bring tyrants down. Only it is a thankless duty, they fight their own kind and their new commanders (the UNSC in this case) treat them with honors but when the battles are over, the defectors are an awkward subject. What do you do with them. At best the hope is they kill themselves off in battle, perhaps. In many respects they can never go home or find a home again.

Oh, keep up the excellent writing.
3:21 am | August 31, 2003
Wado has a new fanfic??? I've been out of this site for a bit too long.

Good going, Walker. You've shocked me once again. This is easily the best fanfic about defectors that I've ever read. I'd say to keep up the good work but that comment's kinda been used to death...

10:37 pm | August 30, 2003
I have to agree, Wado's new fan fic isn't anything better than this.

10/10, keep ot up.
10:06 pm | August 30, 2003
That was good, cant wait to see the next.
6:48 pm | August 30, 2003
actually, hornet, i'm reading it right now. i'm at the part where AJ is deployed. its good so far; i'll rate it on its own review column.
4:21 pm | August 30, 2003
Walker, if you could, can you please read my new fanfic, "Nothing to Lose." Like I said, its been over a year since my last fanfic and I'd love some good feedback to help me get back in the swing of things. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
4:03 pm | August 30, 2003
Walker, after reading the Skull and then this, I must admit you've made it to the upper echelon of writers. This story is innovative, realistic, and shows its possible, nay necessary, to put focus on the plot and not action and come away with a great fanfic. 9.4/10
3:50 pm | August 30, 2003
Genius, pure Genius. 10/10, Wado better watch out, he has some competition.
3:50 pm | August 30, 2003
11:47 am | August 30, 2003
oh, and sorry for some of the mistakes like "lieutenant major", i was messing around with the ranks and i forgot to change the second word.
11:47 am | August 30, 2003
hope y'all enjoy.