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Comments for 'Last of the Walking Dead - Part Two: Arrival'

7:37 pm | August 24, 2003
I personally thought this story built up suspense for the next one. 9/10, keep up the good work.
9:18 pm | August 21, 2003
and yet another question goes unasnwered
10:26 pm | August 18, 2003
oh, be quiet. ;). btw, what did you think, or are you just one of those people who doesn't read and just reviews?
9:03 am | August 18, 2003
Here's an important hint in life bro you don't have to listen but just you know think about it a bit...

Whenever someone gives you something never ask for something different or ask for more...
7:26 pm | August 17, 2003
man, i don't want to sound like i'm complaining, but it would be nice if more people would review my stories. i want to hear what people have to say. but, to those who have reviewed so far, thanks.
11:51 am | August 16, 2003
Great story! 11/10
Alpha Lance
9:03 pm | August 15, 2003
Alrighty!Nice story!10/10
8:42 pm | August 15, 2003
hey, i like an action story as much as the next guy.
8:42 pm | August 15, 2003
jeez, that was boring... but good writing. apparently your'e not an action junkie, which is ok. 11/10.
7:51 pm | August 15, 2003
sorry for the lack of action in this one, guys. the next one will be loaded with action, i promise. i had to explain what happens in between then and part one, and as it is what happens is one long walk from one place to another. there is some background information on some of the characters, though, so i suggest you read this one.