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Comments for 'Last of the Walking Dead - Part One: Escape'

6:36 pm | August 24, 2003
All of you who enjoyed "Escape" will enjoy the rest of the series (parts 2, 3, and epilogue) so I suggest you read them as soon as they come out. Thanks for all of your comments, as they are what keep me going.

Good luck and God bless you.

3:50 am | August 22, 2003
HOLY $H!T that wuz a good story and man it wuz long 76/10 (W0oOW)
12:36 am | August 17, 2003
Question: Could this have been any longer?

Sorry, I had to ask. It was great, and I look forward to Part 2 and 3.

5:22 pm | August 9, 2003
Very good story. Lookin' forward to the sequel!
11:49 am | August 7, 2003
10/10 MAKE MORE!!!!!!
11:26 am | August 7, 2003
wow, thanks guys... the next one should be out soon, if i meet the deadline for the next story posting.
Alpha Lance
11:13 am | August 7, 2003
That was great essay!And constructive critisicm is
more better than plain O jackass critisicm that some people may hand out.But this story is kickin
major ass,and I'm not just being nice,9.7/10.
12:38 am | August 7, 2003
Very good man. Keep it up.
10:33 pm | August 6, 2003
awesome! when's the next one coming?
Spartan 117
10:33 pm | August 6, 2003
cool story. has this idea ever been done before?
7:21 pm | August 6, 2003
hope you enjoy. there's some timeframe mistakes, but that shouldn't bother you too much. i'd appreciate any constructive critisicm you have. thanks.