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Comments for 'Charge of the Grunt Brigade - Part Five: Deployed'

11:49 am | July 21, 2004
Great series, I love stories that give the Covenant a human face, especially ones about defectors, the Covenant should learn to be destroyed by those they had opressed.
12:23 am | July 13, 2004
11:33 am | July 11, 2004
Can it be? Or is someone impersonating Wado?

Any way, since everyone is going off on vacation, guess this place is going to be pretty quiet. I am going to a summer camp for three weeks starting next Sunday so no long arsed comments from me.

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas! Muahahaha.
Nick Kang
10:46 am | July 10, 2004
Everyone was wishing the same thing a few months ago when someone was using my name to call everyone fags, and Wu still didn't make a password system or anything like that.

12:48 am | July 10, 2004
Maybe spanish spartan got his IP banned or something...i think Louis needs to get a message system where you can only use your own name, so you can't try to impersonate anybody else...

JeSsI-kInS ^.^
Nick Kang
11:02 am | July 9, 2004
I've already been on vacation...and I'm going on another in August.

12:50 am | July 8, 2004
Leaving for 10 days. If you don't get an answer from me, Walker, (Even though I've already sent you one) don't worry. I'll get to you eventually.
quasi quasar
10:37 pm | July 7, 2004
Very original. Very good. Very very good!
9:50 pm | July 7, 2004
Wow. no words can explain this unexpected uber-fanfic's.....power

Holy shit. this is a uber-fanfic
7:35 pm | July 7, 2004
wow im suprised spanish spartan did not post some of his Stupid shit YAY
CoLd BlooDed
5:31 pm | July 7, 2004
I'm gone on vacation already... at my grandparents. :P

See ya later, Walker. Have fun.
1:06 pm | July 7, 2004
Yes, that may be so, but Covenant defectors use hours. But thanks for pointing that out, Romac. I can always use constructive criticism.

Well, I'm going on vacation for a week, so when I get back anybody whose stories I missed, just tell me.

See you.

12:09 pm | July 7, 2004
You rang, Berconius? ;)
11:54 am | July 7, 2004
Covenant use Units instead of hours. Just pointing that out. good story.

11:38 am | July 7, 2004
Whoa, can't say anything...It's just...too good...^.^

Nick Kang
10:33 am | July 7, 2004
Wow I feel inspired. That was awesome!
Now all I have to do is read the other four.

4:46 am | July 7, 2004
Leonidas ROCKED!!!! Now THAT was a good soldier. Definitive Spartan, to be sure.

Yeah, all we need now is to get Wado and Jillybean to come back. And for that matter, for el_halo_diablo to write more comedies like ROUND THINGY and When worlds collide...I think he wrote those.

Decent job all around. Cheesey and not ground breaking, but you warned of that. It's still a good story, though. I have to wonder, why DID they all defect?
1:53 am | July 7, 2004
9:11 pm | July 6, 2004
Don't have it. Can't get it. Sorry.
5:33 pm | July 6, 2004
Hey Walker, do you have MSN or AIM? If so, just tell me. I'll give you my SN.
1:21 pm | July 6, 2004
3:03 am | July 6, 2004
That's fine. Just e-mail me. My adress is still current. I have a proposal for you.
2:58 am | July 6, 2004
No, actually, most of those email adresses are made up ones referring to pies and such... don't ask me why, or for that matter, for my real one. I have recently developed a policy of no email adresses, screenames or other such things over open forums (i.e., comments sections). So, sorry, but I can't help you. As I told Jessica, it's nothing against you personally, nor anyone here, but there's always those who come here on a whim... those are the ones I fear... viruses, spam, pornography and the like. I don't want any of it, so to avoid the problem I don't give out my email adress.

Once again, terribly sorry.

2:47 am | July 6, 2004
Meanwhile, I sit here being ignored...

Oh, and Walker, is the email adress that you entered for your other stories still current?
2:06 am | July 6, 2004
Cold, the honor is all mine.
2:02 am | July 6, 2004
Watch the little shits just coward back out and run away.

Or better yet, re-betray the humans. So devious.

But then there'd be that one who didn't want to turn back. And he'd get killed. Everyone would be sad, and avenge him.

(Just thinking of it if it was a Fox movie. ;))

This was a great story. If I was D'Arcy, I wouldn't smoke. Its not healthy.

If I still had fingers, I'd give you a number rating.


Kinda Signed off, but not REALLY signed off.
CoLd BlooDed
1:42 am | July 6, 2004
This was amazing. Once I got into the first few paragraphs I couldn't let anything distract me from reading. The plot, the descriptions... it's all so very realistic. I loved it.

It's great to have you back Walker, it's an honor to be two stories above you. :)
6:50 pm | July 5, 2004
Thank you, thank you.
6:16 pm | July 5, 2004
That was convenient! I read the rest of this series yesterday! Anyway that was great but it felt a little bit rushed. No biggy though!
Also good to have you back Walker!

Now all we need is Wado back..
5:26 pm | July 5, 2004
Someday. To tell the truth, I don't really know. But this month, I'm pretty sure... I won't have time during school.
5:06 pm | July 5, 2004
There is nothing else to say other than that THIS STORY TOTALLY ROCKED AS USUAL. When's the next one coming out. Very thought provoking.
4:48 pm | July 5, 2004
WOW. just...WOW. it's been quite a while...i'm gonna go read the whole story again to refresh my memory.
4:48 pm | July 5, 2004
that was damn good writing. one of my favorites series. it's been way too long since i've read this story.
1:14 pm | July 5, 2004
Molon labe is what King Leonidas said to the messenger of King Xerxes at Thermopalye. The messenger had asked them to surrender their arms and they would be spared. With his answer of "Molon labe", Leonidas affirmed their willingness to stay to the end. Similar to the flag saying, "Come and Take It!" that the rebels at Goliad, Texas, waved before the Mexican army who wished to remove from their possession a brass cannon that they feared would be used against them. It has been carried over into modern times on the political stage, also. But when I say it it is merely an echo of Leonidas; I try to keep politics out of HBO.

Molon labe!

1:14 pm | July 5, 2004
And thank you for the comment.
12:34 pm | July 5, 2004
Whoah. Just when you thought he had disappeared off the face of the Earth...Nice.
Oh, and on the Norah 19 comments, what's "Molon Labe" mean?