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Comments for 'ES07 - Eternal Sunder (part 07): Tomorrow’s Sorrows'

12:02 pm | January 5, 2004
Damn long, damn good! 10/10
9:29 am | January 5, 2004
Thanks monitor101
12:54 pm | January 4, 2004
Phew... a long read, but worth the wait. I just went back and read the whole series, and I have to say no one writes quite like you. This one again felt like Tolkien playing in the Halo universe. I like that, though at sometimes it seemed a mockery of the original story. But that was easy to overlook because of the good writing. Some of the stuff, like Cortana's daughter, was hard to understand, but I guess I missed that in one of your other series. So, he meets up with Kira 900000 years before... she was the one who was in the vision when he was in the Longsword all those years ago, correct? And she knew him... maybe this is why. Hmm. Just speculation. Hope to see more.

Semper Fi

9:58 am | January 4, 2004
Thanks Walker and Berconius.
1:07 am | January 4, 2004
Good show, Wado! Can hardly wait for the next one.