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Comments for 'Halo 2: The Forerunner Chronicle Part VI'

5:53 pm | November 12, 2003
Definitely the best Halo fan fiction I have ever read! I just printed it out so I could read it again. But dude, when will you finish this bad ass story? Hope you get it done!
11:33 am | August 2, 2003
make a god damn new oNe AlREadY, there really good. how could they flash clone sams body if he was incinerated to oblivian when he blew up the covie ship.
6:48 pm | March 31, 2003
Pleeeeeeaase write the next one soon!!! Thats how good they are!!! I'm begging you!!!!
9:56 am | August 23, 2002
You have a great storytelling charm.Although I would have liked a little more info on the Forerunner.Like how they looked for example,I mean are they human?You said they initially inhabited Earth,so I guess they are human.But did they evolve differently from us over the years?I am just curious.Also what do the guardians look like?Descriptions make a story all the better.Rockin' story so far.Keep it up,you seem to have everybodys attention.
3:52 pm | April 28, 2002
I finally get a replie. Remember me? I'm the kid who got pissed because you couldn't finish your parts faster. Thanks again for giving a replie. I was wondering when you would post one.
4:53 pm | April 25, 2002
Thanks for the encouragement. I'm still writing, but I've been busy with my real life. I'll send in the next part soon.
5:00 pm | April 10, 2002
Write more, write more
9:18 pm | April 7, 2002
shut your f***ing mouth, Nick. His story IS the best by far.he SHOULD send them to Del Rey Books. keep it up, velker! i won't go so hard on you, ok. everything in your is da bomb. did i mention your storie's the bomb? as for nick, i bet you can't write a story as good as this. velker's maybe the Halo xbox sequel. by the way, i never shut up.
2:58 am | April 6, 2002
Max, maybe he is busy w/ real life or maybe he is writing 5 more chapters to shut you up for a while ;)This is the best Halo fanfic I have read by far! Keep up the great work, you should submit this to like Del Rey Books. All writing can use work but your's is great. You should submit it if you continue to write more.Peace
10:59 pm | April 5, 2002
what the heck? you've had all this darn time. use it or loose, bub. checking daily, as i've said before.get the parts done faster and i'll be very,very happy.catch my drift? ok??? ok. remember. your stories are wicked awesome and they need to come out more often. did i mention i'm impatient?
6:48 pm | April 3, 2002
ti let ya no,i'll be checking daily. ti tell ya, alrigh, da series is good, ya jus need to gi da parts done faster. k? k.
10:39 am | April 3, 2002
still waiting for part 7.
12:20 pm | March 28, 2002
great! keep em coming...love the action scenes :)
max3949[the anonymous 1st guy on part 5]
8:30 pm | March 27, 2002
very good. part 7 very soon, please. also need to make longer.
2:15 pm | March 27, 2002
This is a great story like your others