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Comments for 'Halo 2: The Forerunner Chronicle Part II'

10:35 pm | April 15, 2002
dude these stories rock keep up the good work!
7:21 pm | February 28, 2002
I just sent in Part III. It's not super long, but I'm trying to keep them coming out. Time to get back to work on Part IV
4:03 am | February 28, 2002
Man your stories are the bomb, i can't wait till number 3 comes out! Your stories are like the real 2nd halo. any way keep up the good work!
11:23 pm | February 27, 2002
I'm working on it. I'll have Chapter 3 by tomorrow or Friday. Thanks for the encouragement.
9:40 pm | February 27, 2002
Hey man, great story so far. Please make it a long one and pump them out quicker and longer.... I just love Halo stories and this one excells... Please don't cut it short but please hurry with another chapter, I'm seriously itching to read more!!!!
9:13 pm | February 27, 2002
Too short. keep it up,though
4:09 pm | February 27, 2002
very good... keep up the good work...
4:21 am | February 27, 2002

Fine. No need to break paragraphs with lines, though, spacing's fine. Aside from that (and the terseness of this piece), keep it up.