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Comments for 'Halo 2: The Forerunner Chronicle'

11:00 am | August 2, 2003
wheres all the covenants
8:44 pm | February 26, 2002
Thanks for the criticism. This is my first Halo fic. I've done some Final Fantasy, and it's a switch. And I guess I have to go back and read the end of FoR. I didn't realize how long it took the PoA.
4:21 pm | February 26, 2002
good story...but the time differences didnt exactly match...it took the PoA two weeks to go from Reach to Halo, so it wouldnt take 1 week for the Longsword to get to Earth...very good, besides the point...
2:41 am | February 26, 2002

A bit implausible, as the others have said, and not exactly writing-driven, but the plot swings right along.


2:06 am | February 26, 2002
They, is the UNSC, my bad
2:03 am | February 26, 2002
Please,MC was gone for 5 months tops, they wouldn't make such a scientific jump that short. Great otherwise, though.
1:34 am | February 26, 2002
I. Don't. Think. I. Buy. This...