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Comments for 'What Drives Us'

5:29 am | April 22, 2002

I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.

And we have always been at peace with the buggers.

7:28 pm | April 12, 2002

Excellent job Vec. Rich detail, hypnotic ambience. But I gush...

Only 14? You've got a great career ahead of you, if you decide to write. Your teachers must feel either very proud... or very threatened. You sound very well read; your style in posts, fiction, etc. is polished despite your age.

Reminds of one Peter Wiggin... You should infiltrate the news and political forums to further Bungie's sinist... er, I mean, *unifying* agenda.

9:56 pm | April 7, 2002

I'm 14. Freshman. High School.


1:42 pm | April 2, 2002
awesome.creepy.bravery.blood.gore.story.make a part 2, please. by the way are you in high school or an author? just wondering.
11:14 pm | February 8, 2002
Good story. Keep it up, man!
5:26 pm | February 4, 2002
Nice one Vec. Pushing the extremities of vision ..as usual ;)
3:04 am | February 4, 2002
Great stuff Vec, ;)
6:24 pm | February 2, 2002
Nice work vec, beautiful detail.
1:52 pm | February 2, 2002
w00t. great story, as always.
6:51 am | February 2, 2002
If I write any more fan fiction, I'm going to overload my harddrive :)

That said, the reason I wrote this one is because I was procrastinating finishing another one which I started for the purporse of procrastinating finishing another one which is a piece of a very long series which I don't particularly want to get off my laurels and finish.But that means that I've got, at the moment, two stories half-way done. Even with my notorious laziness, I doubt I can manage to avoid finishing them for long. So yes. More comes.

4:03 am | February 2, 2002
ur huge detail in setting and feel kept reminding me of and old private investigators show. ha. its a great story and very well narrirated. you should do more.
4:48 am | February 1, 2002
20, actually. The last was his partner in ai-uchi, or mutual slaying.

I never really mention it, but they don't have shields :) A product of the stealth mission.

Remember how effective melees are? Imagine it with an EDGED weapon :)

4:07 am | February 1, 2002
Wow.But how did he manage 19 Elites?Great story.
2:42 am | February 1, 2002
There's no real reason for me to respond to my own story, I just didn't want to break tradition.

Cheers :) Hope you enjoy it.