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Comments for 'The Reason for Fighting'

6:12 am | October 26, 2001
Quite good. Damn I like it. Not the blonde part, but the feelings and such. And that old general's saying is cool too. Thanks, vec! Keep up the good job!
11:09 am | September 27, 2001
Two examples do a trend not make.See, in one sentence, I not only reduce to shreds your argument that I'm partial to blondes, I also lay to waste the part about me being able to form a sentence :)Okay, just kidding. I haven't really noticed. I'll be sure to keep an eye on the color of my heroines' hair in the future, though... :P
2:42 am | September 27, 2001
Sorry vec. It's just that I've recently put down a personal thing about blondes, so I was more likely to notice it than anybody else.
2:45 am | September 25, 2001
I particularly liked this piece.However, I still don't understand vec's fixation with blonde women (Hawk Chronicles: Storm, and now Jessica ;-)vec writes well; better than I do. I suppose being the top poster on the forum also helps him keep his mad writin' skillz up to snuff.This story is a good emotional reactor.