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Comments for 'The Old Man and the Warrior'

2:11 am | August 4, 2002
Well...erm...you're welcome? Anywho, I'm off to read your fanfic.
12:34 am | August 4, 2002
Thanks for the offer Gorditio. I would like to have a good discussion some time. My comment, however, was not intended to be directed at your comment or anyone elses in particular. I was just killing some time looking to see if new stories had been posted when I remember some of my own experiences where "acting dumb" gave other people an opportunity to speak up and talk about what was REALLY going on. I just wanted to throw in a thought that the Master Chief might do such a thing. That's all. I pretty much agree with what you said about the story. Thanks.
10:55 pm | August 3, 2002
You missed my point, but here is not the place for a debate. Drop me a line at ' gorditio@budweiser.com ' if you really want to theorize about the psychologies of war. I'll be more than happy to indulge. ;)
9:36 pm | August 3, 2002
One of the best qualities of a leader is the ability to listen. Yes I felt that John may have been misplaced in the story. However, actions speak loudly. John did not ever risk the lives of millions nor do anything stupid in this story. It was talk and that was it. What John did do is listen to the Major. In the end, the Major felt empowered, his morale raised. If the Major did have any doubts or morale quams about what was to come, he doesn't anymore. How about that for turning the tables around?
4:21 pm | August 3, 2002
Interesting (in the good way, of course). But, I think if John had moral qualms about the way he was to destroy the 'bionexus', they must have been very powerful in his mind (those blocks that made him so adamant against the covert method) for him to be willing to gamble the lives of potential millions away for honour. If the lives of millions of men meant so little compared to his honour, what then is a story invented by a relatively low ranking member of the officer corp? It almost sounds like you thought up or read the fable then built a story around it.Regardless, I enjoyed the writing, keep it up.
9:07 pm | August 2, 2002
well, killing does take a great emotional toll. war never leaves you the same.
5:11 pm | August 2, 2002
good one
4:59 am | August 2, 2002

Tell me that in thirt years, KP, after you're not only middle-aged but have spent a lifetime killing.


4:21 am | August 2, 2002
a bit different, but a good story none the less v.
Knight Premier
10:37 pm | August 1, 2002
Uh... why do people make John 117 into an idiot? Good story Vec, but I find it hard to see a Spartan getting old and tired.
10:24 pm | August 1, 2002
This a very good story.
9:12 pm | August 1, 2002
I like this alot.