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Comments for 'Hawk Chronicles: Chapter 3a'

4:57 am | November 7, 2001
Again, this is really cool stuff.
10:39 pm | November 6, 2001
5... 4... 3...Good luck, boys...2... 1...
6:45 pm | November 6, 2001
Sycronise your watches, Gordi, you blow the doors, Vec. shoot the place up, while I grab the bible and run like hell :D
1:14 am | November 6, 2001
::cocks rifle::We gittin' that Bible, fellas.
8:01 pm | November 5, 2001
I just posted my newest, and the difference in character dialogue is scary ;) I wish I had the ear for it that you did. Anyway, excellent work, and I'm looking forward to this.By the way, it just reinforces my belief that they need to give us the HALO Bible..
5:05 pm | November 5, 2001
Crytic messages, a cliffhanger, plenty of action...All Very Good Stuff, Nice work Vector :)
10:56 am | November 5, 2001
as usuall vector does a aincredible jobb when he writes fan fics and i cant wait for the next chapter (like always)hmm i think this woul dmake a great animethis fan fic would look great if it was handled the same way that the vandread series is a mix of silicon grafic renderd seens and smooth animeanyways think about it i think there is alot of animators out ther who could help you get started with a project like that.anyways a great fan fic