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Comments for 'Hawk Chronicles: Chapter 3b'

8:36 pm | June 25, 2003
I'm ready vector. Bring it on.
12:03 am | May 13, 2002
great jog Vector! keep em comming!
2:39 pm | March 8, 2002
We are waiting, vector. This series is probably the best here.
5:30 am | March 6, 2002

Wow, fans :)

Well, you know how it is - at this rate, it could be 2004 by the time the next chapter surfaces :)

I'll try to put my nose to the grindstone. I really ought to try to put some kind of coherence to all this... I just write in a stream of conscious, so there's a hell of a lot of loose ends that I've never done anything with still lying around in this story.

Here's a gift, since I know nobody reads these little things: I plan on finishing this "episode," then possibly doing one more chapter, and then doing the finale. So stick around :)


11:28 pm | March 1, 2002
Great work vec, keep those Hawk Chronicles coming..I love 'em.
3:02 am | February 24, 2002

2:55 am | February 23, 2002

Some formatting difficulties with this one... sorry if it's a tad hard to read.