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Comments for 'The Sixty Minute War'

2:51 pm | November 21, 2001
nice story,do you read Tom Clancy, jefe? Chavez must be very old now...
4:44 pm | October 3, 2001
Good as ever Vector!
5:49 am | October 3, 2001
great job! this is some /excellent/ fanfic! i really like the writing style, and the quotes make it all the more appreciable! =D
2:15 am | October 2, 2001
Good job, man. I like it.
10:57 pm | October 1, 2001
Heh... first one? The first Sixty Minute War? That was the same thing, I just hadn't finished it yet. Or my first ever story? I've been doing this for a while.
6:21 am | October 1, 2001
hey vector40nice story far better then the first one .... sorry but it isanyways i like the twist at the end makes u rethink what u read b4 and in my case re-read the whole story again =)good work. il be waiting for mor fan fic from you =)