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Comments for 'Beyond the Paradise, part 1'

9:39 pm | October 1, 2002
It's in friggin GERMAN! I don't know a word of it...
7:48 pm | October 4, 2001
allright, allright. i'm going to translate it. but don't hope for great lyric. when it's done, feel free to point out any mistake. i'll appreciate every help to improve my style.
2:42 am | October 4, 2001
What an odd place to advertise. Kind of like scratching a Help Wanted ad to the bottom of your shoe, don't you think?
1:17 am | October 4, 2001
Any artist with Photoshop 5.0 and higher, looking to do some Artistic free time on projects? Contact me at corpse89@hotmail.com
1:17 am | October 4, 2001
Hey Uriel, Could you Translate your storie to english, im very interested in reading your story!
9:32 pm | October 3, 2001
ein guten story.ahh a german writer lucky me i can read it atlast nice article. first part story and the seocnd part a pice of your mind regarding the universe.almost a bit to hard for me to read.ohh well. was fun reading it.but im having a bit trubble sorting everything out. but the parts i did get was good.
8:33 pm | October 3, 2001
thanks, but my english, especially my english grammar, isn't perfect. i also started it in german, though, and didn't think about where i'm going to publish it.
8:09 pm | October 3, 2001
I'm sure it's a great story, but it's in German.