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Comments for 'Epilogue-Farewells'

Aran Samus
6:41 pm | June 25, 2004
Awesomeness. I might even buy a Xbox now... but anyways, I like it! can't wait for that sequel thing... oooh, I'd love to see Master Chief's face when he see's Samus there... hehehe. Keep It Up!
4:37 am | April 3, 2003
Can you summarize what your G Gundam crossover will be like?
The Author
10:24 pm | April 2, 2003
I already have a suitable plotline for the sequel. It involves the X parasites, the Metroids, and some familiar Space Pirates who have been augmented with Metroid DNA...sound familiar? ;)
Number 79
2:36 am | April 2, 2003
I have to agree with Cap'n Keyes. You should involve the X-parasite and the SA-X in a sequel, those things are acually a lot more like the flood than metroids are.
Cap'n Keyes
2:58 am | April 1, 2003
Please Don't have a showdown between the flood and X parasites! HA! just kidding! That would be a classic moment.
The Author
8:47 pm | March 31, 2003
Well Tank, I only spent about several minutes coming up with it. But still, I know there are those who actually DO research on their little theories which are many times better than mine. :P
8:15 pm | March 31, 2003
Well done. I'm kind of suspicious of how your next crossover will go...good luck with that.
7:08 pm | March 31, 2003
You really are da crossover man ain't ya? I liked it, although I think Samus should really stay to help MC out. But after reading TM's theory on the halos and the history, yours seemed a bit weak. If they killed everything then there would be nothing to take revenge left. Besides, they wouldn't exactly be innocent if they got a biological to actually set the halos off.

But, this is still gooooood stuff!
The Author
4:42 pm | March 31, 2003
And thus, it ends.