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Comments for 'Chapter 7-Assault'

The Author
6:17 pm | March 27, 2003
I saw it. Very nice indeed TM. ^_^
12:53 pm | March 27, 2003
*by me
12:49 pm | March 27, 2003
Damn, it's been awhile, :D. I'm commenting on all of your parts so far.

I have to say that this is beautifully written, and IMO, it surpasses Wado's Shadows of Archon II.

It's getting pretty rare for me to comment on any fan fic, and when I do, it means that it was worthy of my time to read, and that you're lucky to have it commented my me.

Traumatised Marine
10:54 am | March 27, 2003
Finally, it took a while US007, but the illustration of your story is up on the misc art section!
The Author
5:15 am | March 27, 2003
Thanks for the comments Nike.

And HaLOpRimE...don't be so sure about that...a Chief/Samus fight would be quite...intense.
5:01 pm | March 26, 2003
very nice...one of the best halo fanfics i have ever read...i like the idea of samus aran teaming up with the master cheif...this duo make a very dynamic team...but i think if they were to get into a fight...samus would seriously kick the master cheif's A$$...
8:48 pm | March 24, 2003
really really good story, right up with under sarges cap
9:36 pm | March 23, 2003
very nice.
The Author
8:53 pm | March 23, 2003
Heh...the Chief has something up his sleeve...