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Comments for 'Chapter 5-The Space Pirate Cometh'

10:55 pm | March 31, 2003
One problem, when you said that the the thermal ray incinerated a plasma torpedo, it isn't possible. Heating plasma only makes it more deadly, since it is already at over 90,000,000 degrees, it would only be more deadly.
4:39 am | March 23, 2003
Yeah! over ten chapters, this will be more fun than a barrel of mouse traps! *snap!* ow!
The Author
8:44 pm | March 18, 2003
I await it eagerly Tramuatised Marine.
Traumatised Marine
8:14 pm | March 18, 2003
I'm pleased to announce I've finished the illustration of a scene in this series, it'll be winging it's way to HBO shortly!
1:41 pm | March 18, 2003
What the hell! Samus? Ah well... I see that Hellraiser or whatever was telling the truth in my facfics comments section...
The Author
12:33 pm | March 18, 2003
Why's that TM?
The Author
8:51 pm | March 17, 2003
A good question, but if any of you had Metroid Prime for Gamecube, you would notice some kind of energy particles being dispersed from Ridley's wings as he flew away from the firgate, with Samus in pursuit.

I'm assuming that it propels him through space...energy gathers in the wings, and with a flap, the energy disperses and pushes him forward.

Hmm...perhaps I should've mentioned that...
Traumatised Marine
7:02 pm | March 17, 2003
*cough* Hiroshima *cough*

I forgot to ask though, how does Ridley maneuver in a vacuum? His wings would be useless...
The Author
1:30 pm | March 17, 2003
And to answer anyone's questions about longetivity, this story does indeed go over ten chapters.
12:38 pm | March 17, 2003
Unique! I was never a big fan of the Metroid Universe (never liked the form of combat) but you did a good job of melding Halo and Metroid together. Keep writing!
Traumatised Marine
8:46 am | March 17, 2003
Steele's right, you've melded the two really well, Samus and MC in the same fic is very good reading.

I just hope for your Sake no Japenese read this...
The Author
3:47 am | March 17, 2003
Why thank you.