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Comments for 'Chapter 4.5-Hunt for the Index (The Real one.)'

9:31 pm | March 16, 2003
Sorry, I I've been of at the New York State Science Olypiad for the last two days (as my post on your previos story would dictate) so I have only just returned to reading your series.


O zzzzzzz

*collapses from post-Olympiad-exhaustion*
Traumatised Marine
7:18 pm | March 16, 2003
007, I promise I haven't forgotten about that illustration I was going to do of this story.
The Author
8:33 pm | March 14, 2003
I was wondering if anyone was still reading this. :P
Darren Anderson
6:49 pm | March 14, 2003
Your story ROCKS!!!! Thank you for making such a delightful crossover of my two favorite games. Everytime I read your story I drool because of how entertaining it is... Thank you very much.
The Author
1:59 pm | March 13, 2003
There...let's hope this will be the last of my clumsy mistakes.