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Comments for 'Chapter 3.5-The REAL Incursion'

9:15 pm | March 16, 2003
This is a well written story considering how you have to find ways to integrate Samus's abilities into it to get the Chief's reactions. You may want to make this LONG because unless this goes for at least ten chapters or so, the story will be pretty thin.

nice job so far. Are you going to end tis part and then get the Chief and Saamus to go to the Metroid Universe? That might be a good change of setting. It also opens alot of possibillities. Not to mention awkward circumstances where the Space Pirates run in to the Chief.

this series' potential is gargantuan... Waaaah-hahahahahahah!... gact!
9:13 pm | March 16, 2003
Yeah! I am back from Science Olypiad where I got my ass ATOMITIZED. super happy fun... *twitch*
The Author
3:04 am | March 12, 2003
There. This is the real Incursion.

I need to catalog these things somehow...