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Comments for 'A Fateful Stand'

7:51 pm | April 7, 2003
I knew someone would think I was lying. But what reason do I have to lie? So that leaves us with some probablities.
1. The Progammers Lied. (I seriously doubt it)
2. The Progammer screwed up. (Not likely, but nothing is impossible)
3. My game gliched or did something freaky. (More likely than the others, because my Halo had done some weird stuff)
4. I lied. (This is the most probable but, I don't lie. I see no need to)
5. I misheard what the Marine said. (Another highly probable one, but I don't think so. I was completely sober when I heard that. Also my TV has excellent sound)

So my dear friend, Sarge, You see I was not wrong. I may have misheard, but I didn't lie. Also I would have to protest my being a Dumbass. First of all I'm a good intellectual and I either know what I'm talking about or keep my mouth shut. Second of all, I am not an ass. I do not have four legs nor do I pull carts. I love to see a Talking, typing, game playing donkey though, so Just give me your address Sarge, you sound like you meet the criteria:)
12:09 am | April 7, 2003
What a Dumba... the programmers of Halo said they couldn't say "fuck" officially nothing that you wont hear on primetime tv so your wrong so just shut up now!
5:40 pm | April 6, 2003
Yeah, the marines should be smarter. I mean they can drive Ghosts, so why not a Warthog. I think the main reason was because on most levels the Warthog is your only ride, and you don't want a Marine to steal it and drive off. That would be sorta cool though. You could kill a couple of Marines until they get tired of you and start shooting back. Then practice dodging a Warthog!
5:38 pm | April 6, 2003
You might not believe this, but one time when I played the Silent Cartographer on Legendary all the marines died, except one. When Foe Hammer said, "Anybody order a Warthog," the marine said, "Fuck you Foehammer." I do not lie. I was honestly amazed. WHat's the worst you heard a marine say?
5:38 pm | April 6, 2003
Oh by the way, good story. It gets an 85. I enjoyed this one, hope to see more.
6:54 am | April 6, 2003
awsome story but you know the guy after foe hammer says "anybody order a worthog?" bit sometimes, well when i was playing it on legendary only two marines survived and the others including the sarge were dead and one of the marines said "that's music to my ears foe hammer!" but still awsome story
4:06 pm | April 5, 2003
Still, the story was absolutely excellent, despite a few minor mistakes here and there (but hey, we all make mistakes, right???).

Yeah, Bungie should have tried to make the AI a little more interactive with their own military vehicles, etc. Then again, we aren't video game designers, so it isn't really our place to complain unless we really know the reason behind it.

The Author
12:47 pm | April 5, 2003
Yes, I am aware of that, but this was before I read Halo: The Flood. So tough poopie. :P
Traumatised Marine
11:45 am | April 5, 2003
Great, I won't be doing an illustration for this one, but very well written.

There was some confusion over the dialogue where you mixed up Sarge and a Marine. And if I'm going to get REALLY picky I'd tell you that the white sergeant's official name is 'Stacker' and not 'Benson.'

It's a shame Bungue didn't make it so Marines could drive warthogs, but I guess giving the friendly AI that ability would have been tough to do well.

Oh, and Fire Team Zulu's exploits during the Control Room Assault have actually already been covered, I did them in my 'Under The Sergeant's Cap' series, a long series about the Black Sarge's (Johnson's) perspective of Halo.
Dirty Commie
5:15 am | April 5, 2003
Not bad.
2:24 am | April 5, 2003

I loved it, hope to see you write again in the near future.
2:20 am | April 5, 2003
Hey thats really good mabey you could do one about fire team zulu when you leave them after there charge. Also there is a way to keep the marines alive load them into warthogs and drive them down the ramp just make sure the invisable eliets can't see them and the gold one can't kill them. Thats all
2:18 am | April 5, 2003
Brilliant. Sheer brilliance. This is ranked up there with Anthony's End Game...Looking forward to others under your name, Ultra Sonic.

James Kinsella
10:21 pm | April 4, 2003
This is good. Not comletely original, but still good. Keep it up!
9:45 pm | April 4, 2003
Good... Glad to see this isn't a cross over...