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Comments for 'Hermes Trismegistus, Chapter 13'

Arch Angel
11:56 am | October 18, 2001
Anohter good story with a great cliff hanger. Hope the series keeps up for a while.
5:20 pm | October 17, 2001
I can see the rogue elite becoming Bobs ally or arch nemisis (or a temporary ally with his own agenda) like always the story hangs there. Great work as always! keep it comming, otherwise im gonna end up washed out in some clinic with heavy withdrawl symptoms
4:26 am | October 17, 2001
This is just a comment about the whole saga to date (I, in fact, am just about to start reading ch 13 so can't really comment on it :)Hermes Trismegistus it the best.Just thought I would add my voice to the chorus :)(btw what does Hermes Trismegistus mean anyway?)
4:24 am | October 17, 2001
another day another good story.cantwait to see what happens once the rogue elite and our hero gets to know eachother and exchange info and stories. might give a good deepth to the whole of the stories. wonder if theres going to be any connection to the marathon line storie. sure would be cool if it was possible to interlace it with some stuff from marathon.