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Comments for 'Hermes Trismegistus, Chapter 12'

12:34 am | October 12, 2001
Did he wear clown shoes?
10:39 pm | October 11, 2001
This saga, more than any others manages to reflect the mystery, suspense and depth I would expect from a true 'Marathon' type story.Tursas, you're my hero =p(Charlemagne was 7 times the length of his foot {tall})
10:01 pm | October 10, 2001
hey i havent read the story yet but i just wanted to thank you for continiuing this series.this is a tribute to al the fan fiction writers out there.Me and alot of other ppl out here of the halo comunity have been hanging in front of our computers reading this series. and it has sort of become a tradition to go check out the fan fic pages on halo.bungie.org after coming home from work. and everytime there was a new fiction up you could hear a small out of joy in aprehencion of a half an hour or more of enjoyable reading.i hope that the fanfiction wont stop with the releaze instead i hope that the fanfiction instead will sky rocket as so many more ppl get a active intrest in the game.anyway this is a big thank you to all the Writers out there.arigato domo and ja ne
4:23 pm | October 10, 2001
All I really want to say is that I really love these stories, and hope that you continue writing them, even after Halo is released. Thanks.