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Comments for 'Hermes Trismegistus, Chapter 11'

4:14 pm | October 3, 2001
Yeah great series, So many questions left unanswered... seems a shame to end it, but in my own special enterpretation of vector40's words "It ain't over till bob is completely incinerated by alien napalm reducing his body to hot ashes so fine that nothing can bring him back"
11:40 am | September 29, 2001
Well, don't let me sway your opinion, but as they say, it's not over until the fat lady sings.
10:30 pm | September 28, 2001
thanks vector40 altoug now im kinda sad that the series has such and abrupt ending . i would have liked it more if the series been put on ice waiting for the xbox and halo launch. and then maybe makeing a finishing chapter.anyways tur it was a great series and i apploud your writing skill
11:38 am | September 28, 2001
Well, Pyro puts it far more elegantly than I, but once again, Turs, nice work.
6:41 am | September 27, 2001
This whole series is great everytime i se another chapter released i go around at work and just wait for the day to be over so i can go home grab a cup o tea and read another chapter of the most enthraling story on the fan fic page so far
6:56 pm | September 26, 2001
Well this is great, but is it really the end?