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Comments for 'Hermes Trismegistus, Epilogue'

7:41 am | November 25, 2001
And that was chapter by chapter (see below) so now I gotta go and print the whole thing off again to get rid of the odd page breaks. Damnit, you're making me work! ;-)
7:39 am | November 25, 2001
Honestly - this is only about the third Halo fic I've taken the time to print out in its entirety and put into a binder. It's that good - and I'm hoping you get up the enthusiasm for another fic or series sometime. I'm watching you :-)
2:39 pm | November 14, 2001
Thanks for a great story Tursasa good ending to a breat series.thanks for taking the time to write it for the benefit of all the halo fans out here and i hope its alot more ppl the nthe estimated 30 ,who have read this series from begining to end.and again thanks for a truly entertaning fiction
4:07 am | November 14, 2001
::salutes:: It's been a long journey, Turs, and a fine one. Good luck in all.