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Comments for 'Effusion - Prologue'

8:51 pm | March 18, 2002
This is a good story - I agree that the dialogue should be cleaned up so we know who's speaking, but the concept is very interesting and mysterious. You've got my attention... :)
3:45 am | March 18, 2002
That's a good idea about the long dashes. I'll try to remember that in future. As for the confusing dialogue, there will be some more to come, so I'll try to make things a little clearer. Maybe.
7:34 am | March 17, 2002

Why, thy Turs-ness lives yet, Reclaimer.

Nice to see you back at it :)

And yes, it's a tad confusing. The dialogue-centric writing is interesting, but after a while one gets completely lost as to who is talking. Some anchors would help.

Oh, and - one brief thing. Do you know how to do m-dashes? Most word processors can handle them - they're long dashes, the kind that you use to separate pieces of a sentence. On a Mac you press option+shift+dash - on a PC, I'm not sure. Newer versions of Word do it automatically, if you type two dashes and then keep writing without putting a space or stopping - it'll form them together automatically.

I ramble about this only because they're easier to read than any compromise with ordinary dashes... and Louis can code them, too. Give it a try, they're nice.

Anyway. Nice work, as usual :) Good to know that the Tursas machine is still as strange and warped as ever.


5:30 pm | March 16, 2002
a good way to start off....an odd twist, no one has started a fan fic like this, not even me...keep em coming, it seems really interesting...
4:56 pm | March 16, 2002
Nice, but the dialogue was a confusing. I had to re-read it to finally get it (at least I think I got it.) Crank out another one, man. -Joshua
2:21 pm | March 16, 2002
its good i like it its just a but confusing