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Comments for 'Effusion - Epilogue'

Anthony French
6:18 pm | April 14, 2003
I even understand the meaning of Tim in this story.he lived in his past.
Anthony French
6:12 pm | April 14, 2003
very interesting story.But at first, i tought that the master chief in possesion of 243 was his consious mind, on the battlefield was his subconsious, and with the old man, his inconsious. But now, I understand.
4:33 am | June 24, 2002

Okay, so, at long frickin' last, I've gotten around to reading the last three chapters of this.

All I can say, I suppose, Turs - is damn :)

I'm not going to claim that I understood all of that, or even a tiny portion, but it's like poetry - while I usually don't grasp the greater meaning, if it's something that I enjoy, I DO find pleasure in the journey.

In any case, mate, my thanks for another wonderful story.

Oh, and Tim is my hero ; )


7:51 am | June 10, 2002
I suppose I didn't comprehend most of the story (mainly due the switching of views and extremely long dialogues where i lost track sometimes of who was speaking what) because it is 4 in the morning and my monitor looks fuzzy. I would greatly appreciate if the story was recompiled into a little easier format. Or maybe a synopsis would clear up the haze. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Anyone able to give me the clear cut facts? Thanks.
1:28 am | June 5, 2002
I've always wanted to read the ending of this series. And now I have. I love the ending. I am able to comprehend the story really well. Which means that I understand your writing. Keep those engines Chuggin'!!
8:17 pm | June 2, 2002
To the best of my knowledge, Vecs email address has remained the same. Unless he changed it within the last month, it should be vector40@aol.com. He includes it in all the posts he makes on the forum, so I don't think he'll decapitate me for quoting it here.

My email address is still tursas@shaw.ca, and I look forward to hearing from you about your project idea.

By the way, are you a member of Zenith?

3:18 am | June 2, 2002
Excellent, Tursas ;) And you thank Vec, where the Hell has he been? I really enjoyed that, and I'm sure many others did as well - it's just that it's not the 'run and gun' plot most people really seem to love (it's the same reason I stopped reading Robert Jordan because he got way too wordy..). Not to say you're too wordy, but quite a few of the posters here are somewhat young, so the thinkin' escapes them sometimes ;) If your eMail is correct there (mine has changed), I'd appreciate if you'd post in response here, and if you can help me get in contact with Vec...the wheels are turnin' in my head, and I'm getting an idea for a project... ;)
1:24 am | June 2, 2002
Awesome story, not just this last one, but the whole thing. Good job.
3:18 pm | June 1, 2002
good story, interesting theories, etc... i'm still not sure i understand tim's significance, but oh well. neat little moment at the end with the message on the wall. very cinematic (if a bit cliche'd)
4:59 am | June 1, 2002
Well, it's very good. I just wish that i understood it.
2:22 am | June 1, 2002
Nice ending very good. I started to understand the story and when I did I loved it. Very nice job can't wait to read more material from you.