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Comments for 'Effusion - Chapter 4: Ask yourself who and why.'

5:26 am | April 22, 2002

He'll never tell :)
4:12 pm | April 19, 2002
'Life' does tend to slow down the rate at which we can keep up with the stories. However, I do like this chapter, though it's kinda short, it paints a clearer path than your previous ones.

No more Tim. Unless he's been hit over the head with a blunt object and starts behaving.

So, do you write random thoughts at first and *then* try to tie it all together with a profound plot twist (that would be genius), or is there an analytical method at work?

12:34 am | April 18, 2002
I'm a whining NANCY BOY! Look at me!
Andrew Nagy
3:16 pm | April 17, 2002
Um...This story is good. OK?I don't see any monkeys, but I'm not planning to hang around this page, just in case.
2:15 am | April 16, 2002

You should ask Louis for the log of who's read the story.
12:45 am | April 16, 2002
Tursas, I've noticed the same thing. I think it's slow just for now, no big deal. It's happening to everyone as of late. It'll subside. If not... then we takem 'em by storm. *click click*
8:20 pm | April 15, 2002
I knew that you would read and comment, vec.

It's just that everyone else is either reading it and staying quiet because they're afraid I'll pull some monkey shit on them, or they really aren't reading it.

Like I said for the prologue, the number of people who read the story essentially halves itself for every chapter that's submitted.

Either everyone is really shy (which isn't true because lots of other stories have lots of comments) or they simply aren't reading it.

I'm whining now. I think I'll just shutup.

11:54 am | April 15, 2002
LOL. The only response I can get these days is from a guy who's not happy, and a guy who's not happy with a completely DIFFERENT story at that. I guess the next chapter will have to be another dose of Tim. Maybe I can get some responses then... Or maybe not. Tim MIGHT just decide to sober up a little...
11:45 am | April 15, 2002
i apologize i had written a comment on the wrong one
11:40 am | April 15, 2002
i didn't have to read the whole thing it was ok at the start but all that it was conversation. i to the part where it had the "WELCOME HERO OF HALO" that is the lamest thing ever i had heard then they had a party you don't have parties when you are trying to save the universe buddy ask your english teacher to help you with your type of writing because it SUCKS
3:59 am | April 15, 2002

Stop that. It's taken me a while to get around to this. Silly thing, life.

Anyway, this is remarkable. I can seriously see this becoming a major epic. Very nice.

And don't think comments (or lack thereof) are a good indicator of a story's reception... it's just a slow time for them :)


2:22 pm | April 14, 2002
I apologise for this being the shortest part to date. There will be more.