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Comments for 'Effusion - Chapter 3: Warning! Some schizophrenics may be philosophers in disguise!'

4:50 am | April 23, 2002

Andrew, you're weird.
Andrew Nagy
9:59 pm | April 22, 2002
"Duality"?! Why not just say "durability"?
The British Commando
9:00 am | April 9, 2002
This is nonsensical, dellusional...yet strangely intreiguing. I like it keep it up.I need a spellchecker...
5:02 am | April 9, 2002

Just to clarify, the eyes were directed at the comments database, not you.


12:45 am | April 9, 2002

You have to use HTML ::rolls eyes::

Assuming that you meant the comments section as opposed to actual fan fiction.

9:03 pm | April 8, 2002
Gudammit! How the hell do you put spaces between your paragraphs here?
6:20 am | April 8, 2002

You know, I have to say that I've begun to take a perverse pleasure in all of this nonsense :)

I mean, it's not every fan fiction that we get washed down with quadruple-doses of philosophy and gobbledygook before even seeing a HINT of story...

And, hell, I'm eating it up. Feel free to put off the story as long as you want, this is great :)

Although I do, of course, know that you're merely setting it up... still, I love it.

:) Good stuff.