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Comments for 'Effusion - Chapter 10: You think you have problems?'

3:07 am | June 2, 2002
Hehe, I know. I didn't mean to imply I was the pinnacle of writing evolution by any means. It's just that I already know what's happening in my stories, so even as I evolve, there's not the mystery you get out of reading the unknown...if you get what I'm saying? It's more fun for me to read other peoples (so it's great to see them evolve) work than it is to read my own.
9:52 pm | May 31, 2002
I've always have been pleasent with your stories! Can't wait for the Epilogue!! Keep up the good work!
3:48 am | May 30, 2002
Wow! A comment!

But seriously, this series HAS been a little top-heavy when it comes to plot. I think the plot is the main reason people are scared away.

And as for developing? It's true that we are ALWAYS developing (even you, Gordi). Nobody's perfect (and it really shows with ALL the fanfiction around here).

7:12 pm | May 29, 2002
You know, I enjoy these fictions with intricate plots (or at least those that are not "run 'em gun 'em" storylines) more and more as the writers here develop. 'Specially you, Tursas (Well, and Vector, but he seems to have gone AWOL...) Keep at it, boyo