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Comments for 'Effusion - Chapter 1; Awakening'

3:00 am | April 1, 2002

You're weird, ursa.

But good :)

The British Commando
11:48 pm | March 29, 2002
I like this - It has an intreiguing plot line which could develop into to somthing really different from the usual crop of stories here. I'm loking forward to reading he next installment...
1:05 am | March 27, 2002
odd....odd but good :
5:10 pm | March 26, 2002
You have an intriguing storyline. Mysterious. I think, with less "action" than some of the other stories here, you *might* get less feedback :), if that's what you are referring to in your comment. No suggestions or criticism; I like your style. perhaps we just don't know what to make of this yet... the plot hasn't fully developed, so we can't decide yet.
12:11 pm | March 26, 2002
Wow. That was pretty fast. The last time I wrote a story some couple hundred people read the first installment, then about half the next, and so on until nobody read it at all (except Louis, who doesn't count). It seems that only a handful of people read the prologue of this story, and that handful divided into itself to produce myself, who wrote the damned thing, and Louis (who again doesn't count, but he only skimmed over it this time, as opposed to really reading it :). I hope YOU all had a nice weekend...