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Comments for 'A Second Last Chance: Book 1, Chapter 6 - 343 Guilty Spark'

12:30 am | July 14, 2002
Airighty then.
Archangels Blade
12:21 am | July 14, 2002
Know little, do you. Speak like Yoda, the Green Elite does!
6:12 pm | July 13, 2002
What do ya mean by Yoda?!
9:47 pm | July 12, 2002
I was gonna make the Covenant talk like Yoda all the time, but I wanted to deviate from Halo as little as possible :)
Archangels Blade
5:08 pm | July 12, 2002
Oh yeah, the Yoda thing really added, don't you think, Saturn?
Archangels Blade
5:06 pm | July 12, 2002
This is a really good story! I unfortunately must admit that i, with my limited internet time, neglected to read this series. Now that i do have time, however, i must congratulate you on your excellent work. Keep posting!
6:14 pm | July 11, 2002
good detail. You shoulda let the covenant dude talk like yoda all the time.
7:42 pm | July 10, 2002
Wolf, his name is Torch99.
7:42 pm | July 10, 2002
A compelling storyline. Duh.
Knightmare Wolf
5:11 pm | July 9, 2002
Or do you mean "neat" or "neaty" (IF thats even a word) or something like that? Anyways, I like your story author person (Sorry I cant recall your name at the moment, sounds harsh but its true, Like Arch once said i'm always lazy (Not all the time just most of it) please dont hold it against me. :)
Knightmare Wolf
5:09 pm | July 9, 2002
Nike... "Very meaty?" What is that?
1:46 pm | July 9, 2002
vERY meaty. I like.
3:05 am | July 9, 2002
more more feed me more! hungry!